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Using VPNs In Blade & Soul Will Get You Permanently Banned by NCSoft
New blade and soul Servers Coming
how to pay with credit card
The Sea Dragon Nest has arrived
The Sea Dragon Nest
dragon nest Fishing, Farming, and Cooking system
All Fine. quick delivery.. Thank You
Passionate   2016-09-30
ty and cu next time for much gold
paparone1966   2016-09-26
Linda was very helpful!!! She was patient and answered all my questions. The orde...
Strohm   2016-08-23
Talked with them online. Let me know they had stock available and went through the...
DieJay305   2016-08-06
The live support is very to the point but you can trust them. When they say wait a...
DieJay305   2016-08-06
They told me what they had in stock it was super fast and there were no shenanigan...
ZachFowler   2016-08-06
Recieved riders of icarus gold order quickly, my customer care person was linda. A...
ZachFowler   2016-08-06
Their chat system was crashed so i had to wait a bit. Eventually i got into contac...
brickman   2016-02-21
Great seller, they simply stand out from others. great communication and great ser...
Caleb123   2016-01-21
i would recommend goldhaha to anyone. I got great service and had my blade and sou...
Caleb123   2016-01-21
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